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Kobold Adventurer's Guild

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2023 4:30 am
by charmyte
Okay so!! I've had a bunch of D&D 5e characters half-charted out for a long while. It was a fun way to contextualize new characters! (Even if I'm not terribly well versed in D&D lore... and I didn't realistically think I'd ever get to play any of these ^^)

One sorta-silly project I came to design was making a kobold for each of the core rulebook classes! Because kobble loves kobbles :3
And instead of just sharing them one-by-one, I thought it'd be a bit more fun and interesting to collect them all in one neat place!

With that I thus link to thee: The Kobold Adventurer's Guild! ... /guildhome

I am only slightly better at site-wrangling than I am character creation, so temper your expectations some ^^ (and please view on desktop or at least in landscape!).

But I hope y'all like the kobolds! (And let me know if there's any slip ups on the site...)

Re: Kobold Adventurer's Guild

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2023 1:25 am
by Tally_Archives
Genuinely so well organized it puts some of my archiving to shame, it's REALLY good! Thank you so so much for sharing!!!! 💖🙌🥹💖

Re: Kobold Adventurer's Guild

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2023 2:40 am
by charmyte
Aawe~! High praise coming from you <3
I try at least! Helps that these were sketched out to be at least probably playable with minimal fuss, tho some of the later-designed ones definitely are characters first and playable second :P