Caelum Nebula, my favorite lad who could never be

put that guy in a SITUATION
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Caelum Nebula, my favorite lad who could never be

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Okay, so the title describes a lot of it, so lemme give you the long and short of it.

Caelum is an air genasi bard who did all the normal drunk horny bard things cuz that's just what everyone expected of him and seemed to find inspiration in. He still never found it that way, mostly since he didn't care about it.

But then he met the campaigns adventuring party and saw them just havin a good time with everything else...and saw the paladin with them. She was was a true paragon of an order that was thought to be dead...the Order of Post Malone, deity of celebrations and while he didn't love these things, he found someone who did, in such a fresh way in his eyes. They became best buds, and the rest of the crew were fans of them teaming up and doing shit together...until they fell out with each other, as when the paladin was off on her own pilgrimage, she entrusted an amulet of power to him as he was "the only other believer in our order"...which he stupidly trusted with the guy he liked, but was very obviously a bad guy.

After she returned, they fought and he revealed that he didn't really, that it was all just to try and make art but it never worked, and he asked her "give him something to believe in. Give me something that I can pour my heart into. Show me how to truly believe in this cause."
...And so I made a homebrew Cleric Domain that he picked up in multiclassing, the Inebriation Domain, unique abilities to give my allies unique buffs with certain drawbacks, including boosting our barbarian's Rage (we nicknamed it the "Fuckle-do-to-yoo" as he was a chicken Aarakocra). But then I never got to use him much cuz I was kicked from the friend group. I still wish I was able to use him, but I don't have anywhere to play homebrew dnd stuff :(
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