Forum Mascot?

got an idea for the forum or IRC? post it here please i don't know what i'm doing
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Forum Mascot?

Post by Silver »

I was thinking we should have some sort of forum mascot, now I know we have flareon up there right now and don't get me wrong I do love flareon. I was thinking however that we should have a mascot more inline with the theming of this forum and such.

Maybe we could host some sort of competition where people submit designs and we can vote on them :?: I'm not too sure, just an idea I had.

What do yall think :?:
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Re: Forum Mascot?

Post by Neververy4 »

I think that would be fun (:
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Re: Forum Mascot?

Post by shinyfurret »

i like that idea :) i've always thought forum contests were a lot of fun!
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Re: Forum Mascot?

Post by flareonfloof »

kobold60 is a character of mine, but the only design elements i have in mind are blue-grey scales and the two pairs of swept-back horn style. anything else is kinda up in the air so maybe a contest is warranted!
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