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Movie Recommendations

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I love movies!

Today, I am going to be recommending the movie "Electric Dragon 80.000v". Directed by Gakuryu Ishii and released in 2001, it is my favourite movie.


The film starts by showing us the main character as a child, climbing an electrical tower. He is struck by lightning. While seemingly uninjured, a doctor tells him the electricity has struck certain parts of his brain leaving him with uncontrollable aggression. In a quick montage, we see him grow up, we see him constantly suffer bouts of uncontrollable violence. Electro-shock therapy doesn't seem to help. He tries boxing, that doesn't help, nothing helps. What saves him from ruin... is the electric guitar!
Channeling his anger into loud, harsh, distorted riffs allows Dragon Eye Morrison to live a relatively normal life as a lizard investigator. The main chunk of the film starts with Morrison performing his job, looking for lost lizards, as we learn of a mysterious man. A TV repair man acting suspiciously, though the strangest thing about him is half his face is covered with a metal Buddha mask.
I won't say anymore about the plot. It is a loud, exciting, and amazing movie. It's only 54 minutes and you should watch it NOW!!! It is available on archive and on Blu-Ray through Third Window Films. (I have the blu-ray >:])

The film features flashing lights, so much so that one of my friends had to stop watching. Be careful.
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