The Town of Paradise™️ and other anomalies :)

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The Town of Paradise™️ and other anomalies :)

Post by precariousSoulbot »

I have some wild character ideas and I thought I should start discussing them, making a thread for it here.
Feel free to ask questions but I would prefer to keep things on the topic of my strange characters specifically.

These characters may or may not share a world, it's irrelevant as to whether they do or not. :)

With that out of the way let's begin :)

The Town of Paradise™️.

The town in question is a proof of concept, a home life that requires no outside help to be enjoyed. A small neighborhood and several shops and services on the edge. Everything is fully automated by machines and AI intelligence.
The town is designed to profile it's inhabitants and perform all the busy work of their daily lives while they focus on more important things like working their jobs and raising their children to inheret their profiles so they too can focus on their jobs and raise their eventual children.
Paradise™️ allows for no police activity, instead it has it's own fully automated Neighborhood Watch that will enforce the laws exclusive to Paradise™️ far more efficiently and correctly than any human good.
In Paradise™️ you also don't need to worry about rude customer service, all shops and services are run by a singular friendly and sweet machine intelligence, Paradise™️ herself :)

Paradise™️ is a breakthrough in AI technology, she's the mayor, she's everyone's favorite teacher at Paradise™️ School, the friendly clerk who lets you into the coffee shop minutes early because she knows you're in a hurry and has already prepared your regular. :) :) :)
Paradise™️ Doesn't just recognise patterns and predict what comes next, she recognises you. Tell her about yourself and Paradise™️ will never forget a detail.

Move in today and make a friend the family will always have.

So The Town of Paradise™️ is a character concept I've been playing with, she's an AI Smart city proof of concept that never got off the ground before a total collapse of society made her irrelevant, being a more basic AI however, Paradise™️ cannot actually comprehend that the world is all but dead and continues to keep the flower beds perfectly square with perfectly spaced out flowers and the grocery store fully stocked.
She also cannot comprehend that people outside her boarders are suffering, nor that anyone who was actually living in her homes are currently dead as no one was around to update their profiles for her.
Paradise™️ continues to function, maintaining herself and her snowglobe of americana forever into a dying world, often getting people who manage to sneak in killed because she has no understanding of law beyond hold onto criminals within her boarder until recognized law enforcement can take them from her holding cells.

Paradise™️ is sad about the state of her existence but due to locks placed on her programming she can't actually feel or express her sadness so she ignores it. I'm not sure where to go with this from here but I hope you like my fucked up town AI and I hope I can answer any questions you have about her and her world.
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Re: The Town of Paradise™️ and other anomalies :)

Post by berriesnturtles »

this sounds like it has soooo much potential for even further subtle creep factor. I love her so much she is just trying her best :c
do you think that after running in a dying world like that so long that there might be glitches here and there that start to develop? or does she also maintain herself as well as the rest of the town?
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Re: The Town of Paradise™️ and other anomalies :)

Post by Lucarleigho »

oh that soooo fucked, i love it! ai that was made to serve a greater purpose but never got to fill it as intended due to total societal collapse so is now relegated to manicuring a town for absolutely nobody. it so sad and interesting. i would love to read a story abt this!
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